Vision 愿景 :  
Establish Malaysia's No. 1 Medical Beauty Brand Myth

缔造大马第一医学美容 品牌神话

Mission 使命
Committed to training team, popularizing medical aesthetics culture,
In the spirit of excellence, with innovative technologies and products,
Let customers enjoy high-quality and effective medical beauty services.

Through our mastery and knowledge of global medical aesthetics, and continuous assessment and check, we will try our best to train medical aesthetics professionals to independently operate medical aesthetics in a short period of time. We also popularize medical beauty culture through sharing and education, and make medical beauty more extensive.

In the spirit of excellence and in order to give customers the best product experience, Unico innovates and develops new technologies and Louis products. After communicating with customers, understanding the market needs and integrating the opinions of professionals and authorities in the medical aesthetics field, we will formulate a comprehensive medical aesthetic plan after thorough investigation in many aspects.

本着精益求精的精神,为了给客户最佳的产品体验,Unico 创新研发新技术与 Louis 产品。 通过与客户的沟通,了解市场需求并融合医美界专业与权威人士的意见进行多方面的充分考察后,制定完善的医美方案。

• Femtosecond Laser      
• ISR Treatment         
• Vmax Hifu Face Lift  
• Hydro Oxy Treatment 
• Jet Peel Treatment   
• Vital Injector-7000   
• Super Injector-7000  
• LED Treatment      
VI-7000 水光枪
SI-7000 超级微晶水光针

Product innovation is dedicated to allowing consumers to replenish vitality to the skin and welcome a new day. Nano Skin care uses nanotechnology, all the ingredients are absorbed by the skin more effectively after miniaturization, and the effect is better. Our company launched the second-generation product Germ Plus Placenta, adding a new formula-blue copper peptide, which effectively treats skin damage and deeply hydrates and rejuvenates the skin, giving the skin regeneration energy, and restoring the skin's natural suppleness and elasticity. In addition, our company is about to launch new products and use mangosteen hepatocyte medical revitalization technology to smooth the skin, improve the complexion, and restore skin elasticity.

Unico is committed to training more excellent medical estheticians, helping more people solve skin problems, and building a medical beauty kingdom. Our team must be efficient, fast, and complete the work objectives with quality and quantity. We have launched a series of medical and aesthetic treatment combinations that can help reduce wrinkles and restore various facial skin problems.
Our competitive advantage lies in having advanced medical beauty equipment and medical R&D technology and team to improve customer service and product quality in order to maintain a good reputation. Our products are exclusive formulas developed by a professional R&D team. Our company also hired a dedicated person to set up the company website and Facebook page to improve the efficiency of customer service to attract more new customers. The effect of medical cosmetology can also be presented by comparing photos and videos before and after. At the same time, we also have trademarks for our unique brands, preemptively occupying the market and being in an advantageous position among competitors.

产品的创新致力于让消费者为皮肤补充活力,迎接新的一天。Nano Skin care 使用了纳米技术,所有的成分在微小化之后更有效地被皮肤吸收,效果更佳。公司推出第二代产品 Germ Plus Placenta,加入新配方-蓝铜胜肽,有效治疗皮肤损伤和深层补水醒肤,赋予肌肤再生能量,还原肌肤天然水嫰及弹性。除此之外,公司即将推出新品,并使用山竹肝细胞医学活肤技术,使肌肤平滑,改善肤色,恢复肌肤弹性等。 

公司致力培训更多优秀的医美师,帮助更多人解决肌肤问题,打造医学美容王国。团队必须高效,快速,保质保量完成工作目标。我们推出了一系列医美治疗组合,能够帮助减轻皱纹,复 原面部皮肤各种问题。 
我们竞争的优势在于拥有先进医美设备和医学研发技术及团队,提升顾客服务和产品的品质,以保持良好口碑。我们的产品是经由专业的研发团队研制而成的独家配方。公司还聘请专人设立了公司网站和脸书页面,提高对客户服务的效率,争取更多新客户。医疗美容后的效果也可通过照片和视频前后对比来呈现。与此同时,我们也在为我们独有的品牌注册商标,抢先占领 市场,在竞争者之中处于优势地位

1One-to-one professional consultation

At UNICO, our skin care experts care about the needs of customers and provide them with one-on-one professional consultations, mainly to understand customers' skin conditions and instill basic maintenance knowledge in simple and simple terms, and advocate skin care concepts. 

2. Advanced skin detection

UNICO has the most professional and well-trained skin care experts to help customers conduct skin analysis, provide opinions and suggestions, and let customers know how to deal with skin problems. With high-tech skin scanning and testing equipment, the inner layer of the skin can be magnified 500 times, and skin problems can be hidden. Unico cares about the true needs of customers and the desired results, so as to prescribe the right medicine. 
UNICO 拥有最专业、经过严密培训的护肤专家帮助客户进行肌肤分析,提供意见及建议,让客户懂得如何应对肌肤问题。通过高科技的肌肤扫描检测仪器,能够将肌肤内层情况放大 500倍,让肌肤问题无所遁形。Unico 关切客户内心真正的需求及想要达到的效果,从而对症下药。

3Medical beauty care
UNICO focuses on providing customers with the fastest and best skin care results. During the treatment process, we will carefully observe the skin progress of the customer and share the skin condition to achieve the maximum effect. 
UNICO 注重于提供客户最快及最良好的护肤效果。在护理过程当中会细心地观察客户的肌肤进展,分享肌肤状况,以达到最大的效果。 

4Guarantee the effect is significant
Through various aspects of analysis, according to the customer's lifestyle, budget and concerns, we can tailor the best treatment course for the customer. UNICO customers will scan the skin again after each skin treatment to see the difference before and after treatment. According to data analysis, 97% of customers can see significant results immediately after the first treatment.