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Germ Calming
Germ Calming
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胚芽镇静精华素能够通过恢复表皮脂质来增强皮肤屏障功能,同时通过增加皮肤的保湿活性来保持水分平衡。 它还通过减少炎症反应来恢复细胞活性,并保护表皮细胞免受有害物质的侵害。

Developed with new and advanced technology, Germ Calming Essence helps to create healthy skin by forming a smooth barrier which reinforces the supply of nutrients to the epidermis as well as its moisturizing ability.

There are many negative effect on skin health that result from the changed external environments(UV, pathogens, pollutants…) and lifestyle(smoking, light pollution…) in modern society. Skin barrier function is disrupted by the above harmful substances. Skin loses its ability to protect and defend itself due to lake of intercellular lipids and decreased water holing ability. This skin barrier dysfunction ends up with skin ageing.

Germ Calming Essence able to enhances the skin barrier function by restoring epidermal lipids while holding the water balance by increasing moisturizing activity for the skin. It also regains cell activity by reducing inflammatory reaction and protects the epidermal cells against harmful substances.

Size: 5ml